As Art Advisers we understand the International Art market, as well as its behaviour and codes. Nevertheless it is always mandatory for us to assure its origiality, not only about the artwork but its documents and certificates, into the terms of confidenciality and non circumvention and non disclosure among parts.

Art advisory

We are experts on searching pieces of important artists. We can look for artworks Worldwide even into the private environment of art owners, according with the client needs and preferences (artist, technique, period and budget).

As Art Advisers we apply the same quality standars based on our know how as Legal Art Experts in order to guarantee collector’s satisfaction. We only offer our clients original artworks with the right Provenance, and the profitability as investment of the selected piece.

We have a reliable and valid relationship with our collaborators. We don’t trust on “Art Lists by email”. So, if we can’t verify personally the artwork and its certificates, we prefer not to consider any proposal.

We would like to be considered as your Art Strategic Partner.

Art advisory